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27 September 2018

CeMAT RUSSIA 2018 Post report

CeMAT RUSSIA 2018: everything for a warehouse complex at one site

Moscow. September is traditionally marked by a significant event for Russian warehousing and logistics market: all industry experts gather at CeMAT RUSSIA, the only exhibition of warehousing equipment and systems, material handling equipment and warehousing automation in Russia. The exhibition was successfully held in IEC Crocus Expo from the 19th to the 21st of September 2018.

More than 200 international brands have presented their innovative solutions and equipment. The exhibition was attended by the largest global and Russian companies: TVH Group, STILL, Linde, BITO, MICRON, KOMATSU, Honeywell, Kaup, Manitou, PSI Logistics, SAP, Zebra Technologies, Vanderlande, KARCHER, COMITAS, JAC, DoorHan, Savoye, SSI Schäfer and other.


CeMAT RUSSIA 2018 has attracted around 5 500 visitors from Russian regions, neighboring countries and beyond. 76% of visitors said that they did not attend any other similar Russian exhibitions. And this can be attributed to the fact that at CeMAT RUSSIA, one can find any solutions for effective work of a warehouse.

CeMAT RUSSIA выставка по складскои логистике.jpg

The key sections of the exhibition are the expositions of materials handling equipment, racking systems, as well as of the maintenance equipment and construction of warehouses.

Traditionally, the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibitors present their new products. Thus, the Dutch company Vanderlande presented at the exhibition its Adapto-3D shuttle system with an automated system of storage, retrieval and sorting of information allowing a quick and accurate delivery of orders to the desired shipping point. The other novelties presented by Vanderlande were their innovations for e-commerce: Aitrrax system of suspended-type products and Pick & Easy consolidation system.

DoorHan company showed a wide range of gates for warehouse complexes: from aperture sealers and dock leveller to panoramic sectional doors and swing doors.

RAX Solutions offered two types of loading equipment: semiautomatic rBox system and fully automated rLoader line.


IstaStore Robotics Magnetostriction, Nissa Mediaproject, Alfstef, BITO-Lagertechnik and MIR MOBILE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS demonstrated also other interesting new products in the framework of the section of warehousing automation.

Another growing segment of the exhibition is packaging and order picking equipment. This section was represented by companies AgroPack, I-Plast,, Apollo, Bristol Group and an entrant of this year Pichik firm.

CeMAT RUSSIA упаковочное оборудование.jpg

All three days of the exhibition were accompanied by “Efficient Management of Company Intralogistics” Forum, where logistics managers of the largest production and retail companies shared their best practices.

Also, during the sessions, the main trends and digitalization of logistic processes, building and upgrading of storage facilities, organization of supply chains and many other pressing problems in the industry were discussed. In the format of a “fight club”, a discussion was held on the most critical issues of intralogistics: what is of higher priority – quality or savings, IT or robots, leasing or construction of an own warehouse, outsourcing or own personnel? During the three days, the Forum was attended by over 750 professionals.

CeMAT RUSSIA Форум по интралогистике.JPG

OOO Deutsche Messe RUS, the Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG, also organized and held a press conference during the exhibition. Svetlana Fedoseeva, General Manager of OOO Deutsche Messe RUS, reported on the development plans of CeMAT RUSSIA in the next year: “The exhibition will change its layout – we plan to extend outside the pavilion, in order to showcase the work of special equipment at an open site. We have started the work on forming the buyers’ delegations to CeMAT shows over the world, out of some of Russian visitors. We also hope to substantially expand the international aspect of CeMAT RUSSIA business program.

Besides, at the press conference, cooperation agreements were signed between OOO Deutsche Messe RUS and the partners of CeMAT RUSSIA project: the Coordination Council for Logistics, the Council of Supply Chain Professionals, the Association of Manufacturers of Racking and Warehouse Equipment and the Logistics Specialists Club. The partnership implies not only the expansion of business program of the exhibition but also the synergy in attracting the target audience, as well as the joint organization of logistics events with access to regional markets.


The 10th anniversary exhibition CeMAT RUSSIA will be held in Moscow on September 24 - 26, 2019 at Pavilion 1 of IEC Crocus Expo.

Starting from 2019, OOO Deutsche Messe RUS will be the only organizer of CeMAT RUSSIA.

About CeMAT

Deutsche Messe offers an excellent exhibition space on the major markets of the world to intralogistics industry players for presentation of their products and innovations to the audience in the countries and regions concerned. The CeMAT exhibition events will present all sectors of intralogistics, be it innovative and energy-saving forklifts and floor vehicles, integrated fully automated handling transport machines, rack storage equipment or the newest IT control and development systems in the field of logistics. The picture is completed with crane and lifting equipment, erection mounting bays, as well as automatic identification systems, robotic logistic equipment and packaging technology for intralogistics.